Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September ends.

It's October now! Things are not going very well these days. My girlfriend have started her study life in KL now and long-distance relationship is gonna be a challenge for both of us , sooner later I will be going to Australia to further studies and thing will be tougher for us but I believe everything will be fine and good.

Some of my college mates have started their course and another group of them will leave Penang this week to Kampar. Everything pass so fast. I kinda miss those days that we used to laugh, sharing good stuff, gossip, fight together. All of them have given me a great memories during diploma period.

Have some faith on what are you doing. Things will turn out different.

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Recent Life.

This blog I created since secondary school and I almost forget that I got a blog! 
Everything is going smoothly and life is moving forward. Everything changes including me.
 I really love my college life although sometimes those assignment and test is quite stress but except that everything in college is awesome. I think I'm gonna miss them like hell, most of them are going to Utar, some proceed to kdu and some proceed to inti. Wish them all the best. 
Diploma buddies :BEST!!! 

Yesterday was my last paper in Diploma life. I admit I'm not that hardworking but I have tried my very best for it and hope that I can get a good result. I work very hard since I enter college life and I have achieved many of my goals and the feeling is awesome!! I will be going to Australia to further my studies and I really hope that I can scholarship for my tuition fees because the fees is quite high. 

I will continue work hard for everything and improve the area that need to be. Nothing is impossible, every success / possible is come from impossible. Let yourself to create your own future and not others. 

Wish you all the best! :)